The Casino in the course of time

You can find the exhibition in the Casino — unfortunately, right now, we can only present it online. Instead, we created videos with commentary by the curators to show you around and give additional information

1994 - 2000s

The University came to the Campus at Pappelallee in 1995. They put effort in working through the history of the campus as an former military site. In conversations, residents reported on passings with the Soviet soldiers. The food supply of the soldiers was meagre – nearby residents occasionally reached groceries across the fence. 

After the troops moved on, students discovered catering cards of the Soviet army. On the catering cards the meals of the soldiers were documented. For example, the soldiers got provided with tea and butter in cans. The officers however had various more groceries on their menu.

1945 to 1994

The forces of the Soviet Union were present in the whole city of Potsdam. In the first months the area was less strictly enclosed to the surrounding houses. Eventually, the whole area got inaccessible to the public by a wooden fence. 

1933 to 1945

Founding on the Versailles Treaty the Weimar Republic had only a limited amount of military at their disposal. When Hitler seized power in 1933, the Versailles Treaty was broken. Within the context of the “remilitarization of the Third Reich” new barracks were built. Until 1939 1.500 soldiers of the Wehrmacht were stationed in Potsdam. [1]

[1] Source: Schmidt, Wolfgang (2001): Historische Militärarchitektur in Potsdam heute. In: Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt (Hrsg.) Berlin: trafo Verlag.